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There’s plenty of local work but finding it is easier said than done. On MyBuilder, you set a custom working area so every lead you receive is exactly where you want to work.

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Pay as you go simplicity

There are no joining or membership fees. We charge a shortlist fee only when both you and a homeowner are ready to exchange details. Learn more about how MyBuilder works.

Pick the jobs you want

Pick the jobs you want

We’ll only send you leads where you want them. You choose which leads you’re interested in.

Homeowners shortlist

Homeowners shortlist

Homeowners make their choice based on the profiles and feedback of interested trades.

Call to arrange a quote

Call to arrange a quote

Once shortlisted, we’ll charge a small fee and put you in touch with the homeowner.

The most cost effective way to win work

With MyBuilder it's free to send an introduction message to a homeowner. You only pay a fee when the homeowner shortlists you and verified contact details are exchanged. Our shortlist fees typically range from £2 to £35 depending on the size of the job. There are no joining fees or membership fees and no hidden costs.

  • Assemble wardrobe


    £13.00 lead
  • Concrete stencil driveway

    Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)

    £30.00 lead
  • Repair window handles

    Windows & Doors (uPVC & Metal)

    £4.90 lead
  • New porch and bay window block work


    £21.00 lead

You can quote on it

Quote Tool is a new, free service we've built to allow our tradespeople to create and send detailed, professional quotes in minutes.

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Fill the gaps in your schedule

You have enough work to get by, but there's always room for more. When you have last minute cancellations or some time to spare, MyBuilder will be there with leads that you can fit into your schedule.

What tradespeople say...

It's not difficult to build clients because they're there. You get the job leads straight away, it's just having the confidence to go in there and to do the job, and to do the job well.

Matt Woodgate
Member since 31 May 2012

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Our team is working hard 7 days a week screening new tradespeople, reviewing jobs before they’re posted on the site, and dealing with any issues that arise in the course of a project.

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