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Would a professional plasterer use one coat plaster?

We've had our living room re plastered and the result is pretty poor in places, especially around sockets and near corners. The plasterer used one coat plaster which I've never come across before. I've had other jobs done and the plasterer's always used pink gypsum and the results have been much better. I want to get this guy back to improve the finish but need to know if other plasterers use this stuff.

Top 5 Best Paint Brands for internal walls

I've been told that duluxe and crown are the top23 brands for internal decorating.

However I am keen to determine if there are other paints brands which are just as good or even better than these two.

I've heard Wickes brand is pretty good

Guidance is appreciated

Is it common practice to use plastic pipes and push on joints in a new Extenstion

I'm having a new extention built which will include an ensuite and a new combination boiler.
I have noted that the builder has used plastic pipes connecting to some copper pipes using push on connectors, also some plastic pipes are reccessed into the brickwork and will be used for a radiator. Is this now common practice? In my day it was all copper pipe. Will these pushon's withstand water pressure?

Any advise appreciated?

What type of mortar mix should I use for a rubble stone wall?

I've got a bunch of rough stone that I dug up in my garden, and I'd like to build a wall as a landscaping feature. I've heard different views on whether to use a cement mortar mix or a lime one. Wondering what people out there think, and why.

Where do I start with planning a single storey extension? How much should I be paying for architects plans?

I live in an average sized semi detatched house. I am planning a small single storey extension at the side of my house (approx 10m square) to extend my kitchen. I have done some research on the internet and looked at previous questions on here, but it's actually thrown up as many questions as it has answered!!
I'm not sure where to start as I don't know exactly what I want (just a kitchen extension or a smaller kitchen extention and separate utility room?) I don't know whether to get some building quotes first for a rough estimate or get plans drawn up first (will architects actually give me advice on what to have done or do I need to tell them exactly what I require?)
Also, I'm unsure if I need planning permission because although the extension is only small it will be going right up to my garden boundary. Do architects advise on this? (I don't want to pay for plans only to find I can't build what I want to).
On that subject, roughly how much would plans cost from an architect? (also, I've read on other websites that you can use a technician instead of an architect to produce plans. What is the difference?)
I understand the concept of planning permission, but I also keep reading about planning notices, certificate of lawfulness and building regulation fees. What are these and do I need them, or are they covered by planning permission if I get that?
Roughly how long will all this take, and how long to build the extension itself? (I am looking ahead to how much time I will need to take off work to be at home whilst the building work is carried out)
Sorry there are so many questions, but any advice on any of my questions would be appreciated. I will be looking for quotes from tradespeople on this website once I am ready to go ahead with this work (hopefully this April/May/June time)
Thanks very much, Janice

How long will a loft conversion take?

On average how long will a loft conversion take to complete?

upstairs radiator not working - all others are ok - valve on one end Therm controller on other - took a spanner to valve and ensured open - still will not come on - what could the problem be?

My mates sister got her bathroom tiled. The tiler tiled on top of the old tiles,however he just stuck them on with silicone!!! He said "its common practice in the trade". Is this right? surely not?

Which are the BEST quality UPVC windows to install?

Is one brand of UPVC window better than another?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Can I lay loft boarding straight on top of insulation that is above the joists?

I am having the insulation in my loft topped up for free by British Gas. They are putting an extra 8" in on top of the insulation that already sits in the loft and lies just below the joists. I assume that the joists will be covered with the fresh insulation but having totally cleared out my loft I want to board it out properly after British Gas have finished. Can the boarding go on top of the insulation or will the joists need raising?

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