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Condensation in double glazing - what are the solutions?

Just moved in to a house which has a number of windows with condensation between the glass panels. Can they be cleaned or do they require replacing? Thanks.

Which are the BEST quality UPVC windows to install?

Is one brand of UPVC window better than another?

Please advise.

Thank you.

My upvc door will not open, it will lock and unlock but will not actually open. What can i do?

can the rubber sealants be replaced around double-glazed window units rather than replacing the whole window; windows installed at least 15 years ago?

Thanks both for your advice. It is much appreciated. Have now approached a couple of window fitters for quotes. Regards, Neil

my new windows have condensation on them in the morning- about 1cm to 1 inch deep, should this be happening? thanks.

Thanks all for your replies - don't have trickle vents, how easy is it for them to be put in if Windows already in? Thanks

Is there a way to remove dry expanding foam from a UPVC window frame without scratching it? As the expanding foam is now like glue

Advantages and disadvantages of PVCU and aluminium for replacement windows?

Which one is best?

A question about tilt and turn windows

I seem to have somehow opened my window whilst it was tilted. I've tried everything I can think of to rectify it, but nothing seems to work. It's almost as if the top part has come off the hinge. The window handle seems to also be jammed and won't move any way. Any ideas on how to fix would be gratefully received. Thanks

Cost of installing velux window

How much would fitting a small velux window to the stariwell (staircase to loft room) cost approx (labour + window + flashing)?

Does double glazing reduce noise and is acoustic glass worth buying?

We live on a busy 'cut through' road. It's not a main road but early morning and rush hour it is like a main road. Our current windows, although pretty are very old and we have lots of condensation in the autumn and winter and we can hear through them. So We have had a few quotes for double -glazing. Three out of four of the companies who have given quotes have said that double-glazing will really reduce the noise and we do not need acoustic, but one company said that it won't reduce noise that much. we are concerned that we will pay out for new windows and still be able to hear the traffic as it really annoys us. Could anyone please advise? Also are linair ok? We have heard of duraflex and rehau but this latest company has said they use linair. Any help really would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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