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Wallpapering over wall that has had bonding applied

I have had some new plastering work done in a big room of an old property. One of the walls was not very straight (as the building is very old) and the plasterer decided to level it using Thistle Bonding. I was told that I could put lining paper or wallpaper directly onto the wall without having to skim over the bonding first. Before doing this, I wanted to check what experienced and expert decorators think. Will this be ok? Can I paper directy onto the bonding (when dry) or do I need to sand/prepare the wall in some way first? I know that a newly skimmed wall needs a mist coat and/or sizing with wallpaper paste, but is it the same with wall prepared with bonding rather than multifinish plaster?

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Been a decorator for years working on listed properties that are falling to bits most of the time.
Without seeing it i would say it is possible to do , as long as you seal the wall with a pva paste before you line it . If the wall isnt sealed propely the paste on the lining paper will just suck in and the paper wont stick.
This is also providing he gets the bonding flat .
On the other hand you got to think you got to pay a decorator to line the room instead of getting the plasterer to do it properly with a skim on top.
Definately bettter with a skim on top.


Answered 26th Feb 2013

This one is new to me, in all my years I've never heard of that, I would always skim over bonding with multi finish. It would only take a couple extra hours to complete,

Hope this helps
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Answered 25th Feb 2013

hi your wall needs a scim of multi finish over the top of bonding sounds like bonding wasnt goining off and he wanted to go home kind regards paul


Answered 1st Mar 2013

i agree with above answer 100percent,j.p decor glasgow.


Answered 5th Mar 2013

Definatly skim with multi finish first,you'll get a better result,wonder why your plasterer didn't do it?


Answered 31st Mar 2015

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