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Fmb? how can i make sure that my builder is a member?

I have invited someone to quote for an extension and he mentions that he is a member of the building federation - I have looked in the FMB and cannot find his company. Is there another check I can make? He also says he haas a website but I cannot find that.

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If you type his name into google and scroll down you may find something like this under his company name:


Also, he should have a membership card with his details on and valid dates of membership. I have just typed my company name into the check a member option and it comes up so I am guessing he isnt a member if its not there. Feel free to type my company name in to see what should happen!!!

Its illegal to advertise as a member of a federation if you are not, the FMB wont be too happy about that!!

Good luck.


Answered 19th Feb 2013

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

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You can ask him for his registration number and check it with FMB. They will confirm it for you or just phone them up and give them his company name.( I personally dont rate FMB they are just another money spinning advertising outfit). The best recomendations you can have are the ones from his previous jobs ask for details of his last three jobs and check them out. If he doesnt or cant provide you with at least three to look at steer well clear of him!!!

Answered 19th Feb 2013

Spa Construction

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I always ask someone what their registered company name is and then check that they are registered with company house, you are then able to see the address that the company is based at, who owns that company and you can even then see if those people have ever been in trouble with the courts.
I would certainly worry if I couldn't even find them on the internet........

Kind regards

Jeremy mildenhall

Cathedral Home Improvements Ltd

Answered 19th Feb 2013

Cathedral home improvements Ltd

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A warning about the FMB. I project managed a large two storey garage conversion for my partner, the budget was in the region of £80,000. Decided to hire an FMB builder for peace of mind. Spent 8 weeks refining a clear and detailed specification of work and getting all work confirmed in writing prior to entering into a basic FMB contract agreement. Work started 1 week before contract was actually exchanged. At the weekend we were due to meet the builder to sign-off the contract. He never returned. Must have got a bigger better job and just left us high and dry. We complained to the FMB. They said they had to give their member chance to explain his actions. after 2 weeks were were advised he didnt feel he could work with us and he had not contravened any FMB rules of conduct. My advice would be to find 3 local builders through mybuilder with excellent feedback references, agree exactly what you require in writing, if you need help to do this, get help. Agree stage payment terms. Only pay when you and your building inspector are happy with the quality of the work. The FMB badge does not guarantee a good honest tradesman.

Answered 20th Feb 2013

ifit installation services

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