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Does anyone know of a user friendly estimating software for extension or small build costing that is designed for a small to medium sized company?

I'm looking for software to speed up our internal quotations for extensions etc If anyone uses a particular software key benifits would be greatly recieved.

I'm not looking for abuse such as KTL is giving. The software is for use by office staff to speed up the estimating process. I personally do not have the time to quote for the ammount of work we have come in verses management of staff, and material organisation, running the two maintenance contracts we have and also dealing with the day to day running of a growing business. This question is asked to professionals who see the benefit of such software. If I were a one man band flying around in a transit doing a few jobs a month, it's easy to deal with the quotation process and manage to work on the tools with the only headache being finding the nearest butty shop, but i'm a little beyond this now and there are not enough hours in the day!! I'm sure a professional can understand this.

Thanks for your input guys, and taking the time out to suggest some software, i'm sure your very busy and I appreciate it.

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A good estimating software that I have used, and in my opinion is very good.
It is, Franklins & Andrews which you can order online at
The cost is £99 for the book or £99 for the cd rom, or both for £166
It covers, large works, with a small works section ie extensions also has renovation section plus grant works.
Franklin/Andrews are quantity surveyors and take the national average for pricing but can be adjusted to your area.
When you use the cd it also creates profesional quotes, you just go to each section start with groundworks, click on your requirements, measurments come up automaticaly, just click on each relevant field and you will see it add up.
This goes on throughout right up to roof and interiors.
When your finished you have a full printout of the quote.
Probably one of the best and cheapest, plus you get free updates.
This system does quite a lot more than described, including hourly and day rates of every trade.


Answered 15th May 2011



Answered 15th May 2011

hi there, you may want to try easy pricepro has lots of different modules so you can tailer it as you need


Answered 16th May 2011

If I were you I would use a sub-contract/part time quantity surveyor, they will be able to do all the big jobs for you and you will still be able to do the small contracts yourself. You should be paying between £250 to £500 for a reasonable bill of quantities for a contract value around £150k. The surveyor will not miss anything off the quote therefore wont cost you for uncharged/unforeseen works which can happen when using untrained office staff who don't normally go on site. The surveyor will also do weekly/fortnightly/monthly site visit valuations for you so you can send accurate invoices based on actual work done and materials on site. Another benefit is they will know most of the local architects and will start to recommend you to them so you might even get more work out of it. You could try paying the surveyor on a no win no fee basis but this is likely to cost you more in the long run as it will be the surveyor taking the risk not you.
Hope this helps


Answered 18th May 2011

hi try www.estimators ,you may be able to get some prices of here ,you can also request a local builder off this site to view and request a free quote rgds glyn


Answered 15th May 2011

We use Quotient, very user friendly and the clients love it


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