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Load bearing wall

i have just had an internal wall removed between tiny kitchen and back room in a small terraced house. i have recently spoke to someone who said i should of recieved a certificate ??? i asked the builder he said i didnt need one! ive been looking online and i think i should of had one. the wall went from the foundation up to the downstairs ceiling, then the wall above it is just built on the floor boards upstairs( this is why builder said i dont need one). the wall was 11 foot long and he used an RSJ of 6" x 4" and sat it in 6" at either side.IS THIS SUFFICIANT ?? hes boxed it all in now and plastered it. so how can i get it checked when he's gone? or do i need too??? HOW can i tell if the wall was LOAD bearing or not ??? please help as i have not payed him the full amount yet but need to very soon????? kindest regards neil.

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IT IS a load bearing wall if hes put an rsj in.It will be holding up the floor that supports the upstairs wall.This work should most definetly have gone through your local building control AND a structural engineer should have been used to calculate the size of the rsj.Your builder either doesn't understand regs or just doesn't give a toss.I would use the money you owe him to get yourself an engineer to come and see if this work is safe.Once this is done you can go to building control with the intention of getting your work signed off.This will cost you money and you will at best,be frowned upon as this should have been done PRIOR to the work being done.

Answered 17th Feb 2013

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Unfortunately this work needed a structural engineers calculations for the beam that was used and building control should have been involved. The work needs passing off and a certificate issued, this wasnt the case years ago but nowadays with so many cowboys around jobs like this need to be passed off!!

Answered 17th Feb 2013

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

Member since 25 Feb 2009

Sorry but you will have to get intouch with your local building control. planning consent for this type of work is about £150.00 check on line its all there with the fees. If your builder is a good one(Which I dowt) he will know the inspectors in your area and he may even get him to pass it off without having to expose the end bearings, 6 inches either end is correct but your inspecter will want proof.

Answered 20th Feb 2013

Spa Construction

Member since 19 Feb 2013

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