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I am in the process of buying a 3 bed house that needs modernization. It will need everything taken our and starting again. In what order do you do the
central heating (it has none presently)
New Kitchen
New bathroom
Decorating etc


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If it was my project I would try ( where possible ) not to have the trades tripping over themseves, By getting the trades in without much overlapping would ensure each trade doing a more efficent and cost effictive job. The order I would go for would be;
1. Re-wiring
2. Central Heating - Possibly run alongside (3)
3. New Bathroom
4. New Kitchen
5. Decorating

The Garden could be done at any stage along the way provided it does not affect the other projects. Possibly the electrician might have to put an electrical supply ( shed ? garage ? ) in before anything major is done there.

After everyone has finsihed inside then the decorating can be done and thus lessen the chance of any of the finished decorating getting messed up by a tradesman. A good electrician ( such as us ! ) would not mind returning along the way to un-loosen or remove any electrical accessories so the decorator can achievea better finish which is after all what you would be paying for.

I hope this helps.

Nigel - NJM Electrical


Answered 15th May 2011

if its a blank canvas re wire and central heating get all the mess out of the way,also at this time think how you want your kitchen and bathroom so you can put cables and pipes in 1st fix.then i would do bathroom leaviing the kitchen and garden last so you get that wow factor


Answered 15th May 2011

Right then. The order I would put these into place would be as follows.
(Chris Tarrant has never asked this one)

1 Start the garden if its out the way and not required to store skip / rubbish etc.
2 Confirm requirements for new kitchen and bathroom as this will affect the electrical requirements for both.
3 Re wiring or central heating
4 as above
5 New Kitchen or new bathroom
6 as above
7 Start the garden if not started, It skip / rubble out the way.
8 Decorating once all trades have completed.

If the rewire is carried out before the central heating is installed, just ensure that the electrician knows where the boiler is being installed so that a supply can be wired in place ready.

Personally I would get the central heating plumbed in first. There is no risk of damage to cables caused by heat etc while the plumber does his bit. Also it’s a lot easier for us guys (Electricians) to re route cables than it is for a plumber to re route pipe work.

The garden shouldn’t affect anyone really, unless it’s the route in to the house or its where a skip will be left for rubble etc. If it is then start the garden after the new bathroom and kitchen have been completed.

Good luck

Secelec Uk


Answered 15th May 2011

The order of works would be;
!st fix on all electrics
1st fix all plumbing & heating
Making good all affected plaster etc.
Kitchen & bathroom fitting
2nd fix all electrics, plumbing & heating.
Painting & decorating.
Garden can be done any time.


Answered 15th May 2011

do what you feel is best for your requirements ,its your house ,


Answered 15th May 2011

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