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What to look for when buying a bath

What should I look for when buying a reasonable quality bath, especially on-line. At the moment Im more interested in a corner bath.
Thanks to all who answered my last question everyone was very helpful.

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Hi there, I guess you are buying a plastic bath. They come in two forms normally, basic bath and armoured or strenghtened, The Basic bath has a chipboard support under the bath. The armoured bath has this same board moulded in the skin of the bath making them a much stronger bath. I normally advise customers if they can afford the stronger bath , they should buy it, the basic baths do move slightly especially at the corners, no matter how well they are supported as the plastic is thin and the bath flexes when used as a shower bath or larger people use them. Only downside to buying online is that you can't check out the quality of the gel coat before you order, some are wafer thin after a couple of months of use they are scratched or even so thin they loose colour and you can see the fibre glass through them. A well known store stock them for little money!!!

But beware many baths are produced by the same company. Used in a number of brochures at different prices. You can often buy the same bath at a number of outlets with a different name.

regards Mark


Answered 14th May 2011

it is impossible to judge quality over the internet,I suggest that you spend some time visiting bathroom showrooms then you can identify the type you like and then go on line to search the best price,regards Terry.


Answered 14th May 2011

Jacuzzi or Ideal Standard.


Answered 14th May 2011

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