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Mould on external bedroom walls.

We have recently moved into a new property. We have noticed mould growth in a built in cupboard and all along the wall of our bedroom. This wall is an external wall. We have no signs of mould growth on any other external wall surfaces. What could be causing this problem?

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The usual suspect for the cause of mould within your home is prolonged condensation. Continuous condensation problems are usually accompanied by black mould, an unsightly fungus which rears its ugly head around window frames, on walls, doors, ceilings, furniture and, it can even appear on your clothes hanging inside a wardrobe or closet. A home suffering from poor ventilation will be vulnerable to both condensation and mould problems.

Mould moves through the air as miniature spores heading for damp, wet areas of the home such as bathrooms, basements and attics. In fact, any location where condensation or damp is found is a suitable environment for mould spores to thrive. Mould is a known allergen and irritant with an established reputation as a trigger for respiratory problems. If you have ever smelt a musty mildew like whiff in a basement or loft you probably have had a closer encounter with gas produced from a fungal colony without even suspecting it. Breathing in this stuff can affect your physical wellbeing. You could be left with a headache or feeling very tired or sick, it really is in your best interest to live in a mould free home.
Generally where houses are sealed with insulation, you need to ventilate by means of a heat recovery unit which works on a similar bases to a bathroom mechanical vent. When moisture levels get too high the unit will send the moist air out of the room and replace it with warm dry air.
If this is installed you can eradicate the black mould on the walls using a mould eradication kit.
In your case the cupboard is probably un vented.

Hope this has helped
DP Building

Answered 16th Feb 2013

DP Building

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Hi there
This is a condensation problem could be lack of ventilation in this room and the external walls being more north facing and colder or two of the walls are exterior in this room with out viewing it is difficult to give a defined answer

Answered 16th Feb 2013

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