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Problems with a plastering job.

Just had a room plastered by a neighbour while I was away - and I've come back and to be honest I'm a little disappointed with the finish that he says is 'normal' when questioned by my inlaws (who were around at the time). When he pitched it to me it was going to a mirror like finish

On one wall in particular has
Gauze on the edges showing through in several places along plasterboard
threads of gauze sticking out - two 3-5cm sq areas
a crack already over where two pieces of plasterboard join, running the height of the plasterboard,
rough areas around the lightswitch and edge of room
some scratches in the walls (like where the edge of the trowel might have caught.
Where the plasterboard meets the solid wall, it's slightly raised alomng that line

Am I expecting too much from the plasterer? I just want to know before I confront him.

Many Thanks

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your well to be concerned in a matter like this',walls like a mirror!'sounds like a
cracked mirror! over old walls or artex possibility but very rare with experienced good plasterers! looks like to me he's not paid enough attention'
to his final polishing finish to detail. where the two boards meet sounds like the edges haven't been taped but can't say without seeing] There is a easy
remendy to resolve your walls, so don't panick'.first ask your plasterer,or yourselves,sandown your defective areas with fine sand paper and fill in with a
plaster filler allow to hardened and dry and finally sand it down.
hope this helps!

Answered 11th Feb 2013

M J Plastering

Member since 18 Aug 2011

Hi there
I would not pull up someone else's work unless I knew the history of it who put up the plasterboard and such or were you to take off switches for him to plaster round,plastering sounds iffy but I do not think it fair to condemn some one over the internet.find a builder freind or aleast someone in the building trade to have a look
sorry not to be of more help

Answered 11th Feb 2013

Trident Damp

Member since 26 May 2011

Sorry but there's no excuse for scrim tape (gauze) showing on any job, also to not tape a join on plasterboard is a joke, only get your neighbour back to handover any money you may have paid. The wall will need to be skimmed again as sanding anywhere near the scrim will only make things worse. Hope this helps. A.J

Answered 13th Feb 2013

A.J Plastering and Tiling

Member since 23 Dec 2008

hi there sounds like plaster coat was put on a bit to thin ask your plasterer if he would like the chance to put work right by pva bad walls and scim agian hopefully he will as a neighour he will have to see you every day

Answered 13th Feb 2013

Paul Rowland Plastering

Member since 5 Apr 2012

Well at least you know were he lives.......

Answered 22nd Feb 2013

K.Davis Plastering & General Building

Member since 20 Dec 2010

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