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How much can be burried?

I have a conservatory which is made up with windows and roughcast walls then facing brick before it dissapears into the ground. i have dug out around the building but I am not sure how far down i need to dig in order for it to meet building standards or regulations. I have dug down about 4 inches beloew the bottom of the roughcast so far and plan tpo then lay slabs right around the building with a retaining wall on the other side.

Sorry, this is difficult to imagine and explain on the internet.

Any help is much appreciated.


3 Answers from MyBuilder Groundworkers

you need to be 6 " or 2 courses of brick below your damp course(floor hight on the inside) with your external ground level so you dont get any water ingress. by the sound of description you have got brick wall up to dampcourse then block wall that been renderered so keep below your render and youl be fine cheers mark


Answered 13th May 2011

finished slabs should be 150mm below dpc /current internal ffl


Answered 13th May 2011

the main thing to consider is the damp course,this is normally at floor level or 1 brick above, I would go down 150mm below this if possible. It would be advantagous to dig down another 150x150mm trench around walls and fill with clean stone, this will ensure that any surface water will drain from the walls, hope this helps,regards Terry.


Answered 13th May 2011

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