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Fitting new toilet

Last Saturday we discovered a leak from our toilet. We rang a local plumber, and he said that it would cost £45 for the first half hour, and then, to be honest, I didn't quite hear the next figure that he mentioned. But I wasn't too phased by this because I thought that a leak could be fixed quite quickly and wouldn't be too expensive. The plumber arrived on the Monday morning, and because I had to go out I left my 80 year old husband in charge, and when I returned I was surprised to find that the plumber had gone to get a new toilet for us. He said that there was a hairline crack in our old toilet. We were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, we just had to get the problem sorted out. He had a job marrying the new toilet (a cheap £150 version) with the old system, and it took eleven hours to sort it out. We were then presented with a bill for £1,331.70. The plumber charged £95 per hour. If we'd known this we would have found someone else to have done the job. A lot of money for a job not too well executed. Obviously, this money has had to come out of our savings, and will not be replaced. I feel very angry and very ripped off, and would be interested to learn what other tradespeople say about it.

P.S. Thank you guys for your support, it helps immensely to know that there are decent tradespeople out there.

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That is just disgusting. The idiot should have found the problem, told you what was up and given you a quote of how much it would cost to put right. Not take it upon himself to charge you a small fortune for a very small job.

These morons put a very bad name on plumbers and other tradesmen around the country, most of whom are thoroughly professional and honest and wouldnt have dreamt of giving you a bill for that amount without talking to you about it first!!

It angers me that these so called plumbers feel its ok to charge that sort of money for doing something that requires such little skill and training yet they somehow feel its their right to overcharge people for their time.

If I was you I would speak to citizens advice or someone similar and see what your options are, you were overcharged plain and simple. If the guy was in a trade association give them a ring and complain.

If you havent paid it, dont pay it until you have some answers. The Prime Minister doesnt earn £95 per hour, this guy doesnt deserve to!!

Hope I have helped and apologies for the rant!!

Answered 7th Feb 2013

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

Member since 25 Feb 2009

Sorry but you have paid about £1000 too much.Your plumber was a highwayman and should be named and shamed.

Answered 7th Feb 2013

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

He is pulling a fast one, fair enothe having a £45 call out charge but he is taking the mickle. Don't worry. pay him for matterials and what is he going to do take you to court???? A judge would tell him wear to go.

If he hassles you go to police or trading standards, sorry you had this happen we are not all like him!

Answered 7th Feb 2013

srr property maintenance

Member since 3 Nov 2011

It astonishes me that there are still people like this out there.
It makes me feel sick!

Answered 7th Feb 2013

Mr. Brick

Member since 18 Sep 2011

You should definitely name and shame, especially taken advantage of elderly. I would even go as far as contact the police or better yet the tax man might be interested to know. if he's earning that much then either VAT or tax would be an issue with them.

Answered 8th Feb 2013

Complete Weatherseal Solutions

Member since 5 Feb 2013

Please say that you offered to put a check in the post and waved him farewell. Only to then fight your ground. This could be classed as extortion (which is illegal )
You have been had good and proper.
What was he doing for eleven hours , fireing it in an oven.

This gives all us honest traders a shocking bad name.

Answered 8th Feb 2013

pjb plumbing & heating

Member since 17 Apr 2012

That bloke wants his name printed in bold letters he sounds like a complete scammer and an odd job man out for a fast kill.

Answered 8th Feb 2013

chris tomlin

Member since 28 Mar 2012

Oh My God, I am so sorry that you have been completely ripped off by a complete con man. Make me sick that people can do this to innocent people. Please don't pay him and report him to trading standards, the local paper and where ever you can. This man should not be in business.

Answered 8th Feb 2013

Park Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 16 Nov 2010

If you wasn't kept up to date with the job don't pay him, get him in court people like that are a disgrace to the industry.

Answered 10th Feb 2013


Member since 3 Apr 2012

OMG that is ridiculous i would have laughed him out of my house. This guy needs to be put on watch dog on the wall of shame.

Answered 11th Feb 2013

Southport Bathrooms

Member since 11 Feb 2013

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