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Is plumbing a good profession to get into??

Hi there,
I'm currently a carpenter, but am looking at changing my career for one reason or another and plumbing is something that i am considering, so i would just like your opinions on what you think of your job and do you enjoy it?? Also, do you feel there is potential to earn a decent living from it and is the shortage of plumbers what they say it is??
If you could provide me with any information it would be much appreciated.

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Plumbing is not the the trade it was,
Due to many fast track courses and high immigration from east Europe.
Many true, time served and fully (UK C&G) qualified plumbers like my self. Have had to drop there prices, have less work and need to travel further.
There was once a good carieer in plumbing with a good salary to be made.
These days it's hard.


Answered 12th May 2011

In this current climate it would be hard to say which trade is the best to be in,I know some plumbers that are flat out with work, and others scratching about, doing about 2/3 days work a week, this is also the same as other trades.
I would have thought the trade you are in, carpentry, should be pretty good, as you can diverse into different things, 1st & 2nd fix, cut roofs, door hanging, kitchen fitting etc.
I do know a couple of carpenters that have added 2nd trades, but they both went into electrics, I think mainly to do the full kitchen fitting.
As you have got a good trade, and prepared to learn another then go for it, who knows whats going to happen in a couple of years time.


Answered 12th May 2011

hi. there are now hundreds of plumbers. sadly, anyone seems to think they are plumbers. luckily, gas engineers and electricians are registered. so you cant get any tom, dick and harry doing botched up jobs that genuine trades people should be doing. if you have good customers like us, who come back time after time, then you can make a decent living. but plumbing is now flooded with 'bob a job' people. i can tell you one trade where it is very hard to find a good trademen....tilers. where are the good available tilers. we find they are as rare as hens teeth.


Answered 13th May 2011

Plumbing is not Heating engineering

There is not a shortage of Plumbers, there never has been. We have a national shortage of Heating engineers for maintenance companies and the commercial sector, not the private sector/self employed it's within companies seeking staff and mainly within cities also. I recently was at a business conference regarding this very subject.

We struggle to find good heating engineers, and when we do, they move on quickly despite a 30k wage, choice of a van or car, fuel card, sick pay, holiday pay, health care and 8 weeks paid holiday, and unlimited overtime!! bar giving them a new home, what more could someone want!! Because there is a lot of these positions in companies within cities one wrong word and they are off!!

I would choose this route if your seeking a well paid secure job, and don't mind taking a little managment grief and company polotics. Self employment I beleive is slow in the summer months without maintenance contracts for yourself, but to secure these, you would need to input quite a substantial ammount of time and some money, and be able to cope, plus you'd probably end up office bound at this point, and you could quite easily do that at this point in your career anyway.

Good luck either way.


Answered 13th May 2011

I am a 40 yr old carpenter and drifted away from carpentry to do site management and now a self employed builder. I think a self employed builder doing small extensions and reno's offers a good career. To be able to do the plumbing yourself would be a big bonus.
Good luck


Answered 12th May 2011

Most of the people take this profession becouse there is good money.
My point of view this profession is for creativity persons and for who like to do samething good for the comunity.
Always there is samething different to do so no boring as well, sodisfaction is important for the customer and for the tradsman as well.
Look only for the money is not the first reason for people to choose this carrier.
Enviroment is other reason where is alot to think about.
Energy and development cameing toghether.


Answered 12th May 2011

Plumbing is not good to get into either i am afraid .Check jobcentre and look at vacancies ,possibly one in my area .If you consider yourself going on a 6 week course which are a joke ,feel free but dont expect to get working with companies .Reason being they will pick qualified plumbers who are already on the dole and have bags of experience .Just trying to keep you right and save alot of dough .Only way would be self employed with little experience ,but to many businesses are folding still.Current building and construction is to slow yet for more employment for all building trades around


Answered 12th May 2011

any skill is worth learning if it turns into an occupation that you can pull an income from the go for it

contact your local college , beware of companies offering short intensive courses , if you follow that route fully check them out before committing

all skills take time to learn and perfect , any acedemic qualification has to be backed up with on site hands on experience

nothing ventured nothing gained in this world , give it a go see if you like it , i am qualified at 5 different trades ( yes bit sad i know) but i loved doing them all

good luck


Answered 12th May 2011

I see there are some answers from years back on this thread. Did you ever follow the plumbing route? I gave up lorry driving after over 25 years of it. Done a 6 week crash course, realising at the end it was nowhere near what was required, so many people out there with that qualification. I really struggled but got some on hands work experience, took to it really well, learned loads, still learning, even the most experienced always learn, got really confident that i took the next step an completed the full level 2. If you dont try, you never know. Round my way people say plumbers are hard to get hold off.


Answered 26th May 2022

As above really. Most of it comes down to who you know, I am on & like everything, it’s very competitive.
I do get some decent work from it & no 2 weeks are the same .1 minute your busy, next your at home chasing it.
If you can put up with working for a corporate company, being told what to do, attending pointless meetings & listern to them go on about nothing then do that.
If you can’t my advice would be to get out & find something else


Answered 27th Jun 2018

Yes 👍🏼


Answered 31st Oct 2022

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