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Correct placement of electric shower?

Slightly concerned about the placement of the box to the showerhead of my existing electric shower. Are there regulations as to where the box should be placed in relation to the shower head?
I'd imagine it should be atleast parallel?

Thanks for you time.

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There are no regulations regarding the siting of the actual electric shower unit, the unit itself is protected from water ingress, however to comply with water bylaws, the height of the shower should be such that when the sprayhead is hanging loose on the flexible hose, the sprayhead does not drop below the spill over level of the bath or shower tray which could lead to contamination. Unfortunately this condition cannot always be met, so therefore if the sprayhead can be placed within a bath, basin or shower tray, then a double check valve, or similar device, must be fitted in the supply pipework to prevent back-flow


Answered 11th May 2011

dont take chances get an electrician in to have a physical look at it, cant guess with Electrics and water
Check your electriains Qualifications and see his part P approved installer Card

good luck jon


Answered 12th May 2011

I presume you are talking about the control unit the hose comes out of.
The shower head is sited above the control unit which is normal unless specifically instructed otherwise by manufacturers instructions. this position is fine as the control unit box is fully splash proof and is not directly in the water jeting from the shower head.


Answered 11th May 2011

There are no regs to the position of the shower unit but it must have its own isolation switch outside of the bathroom and have an R.C.D protected supply.Also insure 10mm supply is in place.


Answered 11th May 2011

The bathroom comes under “special location” in electrical regulations and carries its own rules. The area within the bathroom is split into zones and indicates what type of equipment can go where.

A shower unit is designed to be installed in zone 1 which is the area located above the shower base or bath. There is no regulation stating that the unit must be in line with the rail, but I would be concerned if it was inline with the water spray and becoming wet as a result.

What the regulations does state is that all circuits within this location must have additional protection provided by one or more R.C.Ds that have a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30ma and an operating time not exceeding 40ms at a residual current of 5x (Regulation 701.411.3.3) In basic terms, the shower must be protected by an RCD device, and correct size overload protection device for its size. The time is takes to disconnect under a fault condition must NOT exceed 40ms. These are simple tests to achieve for a competent electrician. Both the Gas and Water safety bonding should also be in place.

The cable supplying the shower must be suitably sized to carry the load, and care should be taken if upgrading a shower.

What I recommend is getting an electrician round to take a look and quote for any work required to rectify to ensure your safety.

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Hope this information helps.

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Answered 11th May 2011

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