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Aluminium windows dual colour - black on the outside and white internally. does this work? what when winows are open?

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I would go for the one colour but I guess the black is the main one for the look of the house outside


Answered 11th May 2011

Yes this does work, we have done many plastic and aluminium windows where they have had a color on the outside and white on the inside people have mainly gone for black or grey, And when the windows are open they still look ok as long as a good job as been done


Answered 16th May 2011

Whatever floats your boat.


Answered 11th May 2011

If this is your choice, I cant see any problem with it.
There are loads of upvc windows fitted, brown outside and white inside, I dont think you will be looking at both sides at once.
If your unsure, get your window installer to show you a sample, they might have some set up in their show room.


Answered 12th May 2011

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