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Headgeing and fenceing

we have a headge to our right hand side of garden next door it putting fenceing up but ive told them we want our headge kept so i think there gonna put the fence there side against my headge i want to know will it kill the headge at all many thanks

2 Answers

all depends if roots are cut and hell far fence is away from headge what headge is it

Answered 29th Jan 2013

S.J. Vass Landscapes

Member since 28 Jan 2013

In a word, no. As long as the fence is properly installed then the hedge should remain unharmed. If it is established then a little root damage will not do it any long term harm. It is worth discussing with the neighbours exactly what they plan to do as I'm sure they would be more than happy to take your considerations into account. Most types of shrub used in hedging are pretty hardy such as laurel, leylandii, photinia and privet so just make sure the tradespeople who erect the fence take a little bit of care not to damage your hedge and it will be fine.

Answered 3rd Feb 2013

Tidy Gardens

Member since 28 Jan 2013

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