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How can i remove bird droppings from new plaster

I have built a new house to sell. Birds have got in through an open pipe and pooped all over the interior walls. One area in particular is totally covered. I have washed it with sugar soap and it looked ok when still wet but it has dried out now and you can still see the brown stains, one large patch is actually black. This room is a shower room and will most likely be tiled over but i want it to look good for selling. Does anyone have any suggestion? Tiling it ourselves is not an option because the house is not finished and we have run out of money!!

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agree with ABM plastering only way is stain blocker and then use Fortress paint from B&Q the coverage is fantastic


Answered 9th Feb 2013

Seal with a stain blocker then give it two/three coats of emulsion.


Answered 29th Jan 2013

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