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Moving tiles

i have laid some tiles on a floating floor using topps 2 part adsheive and used the ad mix thing for the grout but the grout is still cracking only in a few places,
any ideas what i have done wrong????

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Sounds like you have excessive play in parts of your sub floor , this happens when tiles are fixed to floor boards or loose chip board etc , the method is to use plywood 9mm to 12mm screwed down every 100mm apart ,then primed . this will stop movement in the floor and the tiles will not decouple and the grout will not crack ,if larger heaver tiles are being used like stone or granite a decoupling matting should all so be used on top of the ply , flexible adhesive will only withstand slight movement .


Answered 29th Jan 2013

Have you used a flexible grout.


Answered 29th Jan 2013

You say a floating floor so obviously you have tiled onto timber? What kind of timber have you tiled onto? There is obviously a lot of movement in the floor in these areas where it's cracking and my idea is it probably will result in tiles lifting. I hope not but it is possible? Building regulations do not guarantee tiling directly on to timber. Aqua panel boards or Hardi backer boards are the best to use in such areas. They are 100 per cent guaranteed and are approved by building regulations. I hope I've helped.


Answered 29th Jan 2013

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