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Plastering over brick

Hi i have an internal shed that was used as an old coal shed .... it had about 25 layers of paint on which i have scraped back to brick.. i have also scraped the ceiling back to plasterboard... i went out and brought the tools needed and i wish to plaster the walls and make into playroom for my two little girls .... IF i think i am right i will have to do a 1:5 pva mix then the day after use thistle bonding coat to level out the walls and cover the ceiling... then i do another coat using wetter bonding mix a few hours after the first cot was done ... then i finish off using thistle multi finish .... is this the right process. also i brought an 18" plastering trowel .. can i use this for the finishing or would i need different trowel .. Thanks

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Hi haysie. I can see your keen to have a go and good for you BUT. Im wondering what it will look like when your done. If the ceiling it plasterboard with no holes in it then it can be plastered- no bonding. I personally would not use bonding on the walls with this job. Coal bunkers are single brick thick walls in places and can get damp. I would screw timber battens on the walls and then screw foil back plasterboard on top, fixing through to the timber battens. You could do that part yourself, then get a plasterer for the day. Get him round to take a look to quote as you are starting to plasterboard- your get some free advice. Dont try to plaster yourself- you will regret it . He will do a small room in a day if you have the boards up and the prep work done . He will show -tell you what to do , if hes genuine. Make sure you have a cupple of plaserboard sheets there with some treated timber battens inch & half by inch and half and some plasterboard scrim tape. Your find it easier to understand if you have some materials there. This bit is straight forward. Plastering is a bit of an art. You will be days trying to bond everything up and then plaster and it will be a waste of time and money. Hope you take the advice, good luck


Answered 29th Jan 2013

Like TJ Hubble said plastering is an art, takes years to plaster! If you battened and boarded all walls and pva'd ceiling and supplied all materials. A decent plasterer should be able to skim a small room in a day only charging you a days labour.....
Hope this helps.


Answered 30th Jan 2013

Agree with the both above comments


Answered 5th Feb 2013

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