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Spindles and and fitting?

We are looking at buying a new house that currently has a staircase that's open on one side. We are wanting fairly basic spindles and a bannister fitting. It's a straight staircase (maybe 10-12 steps?) and we were wondering (a) whether a carpenter/joiner would supply the stuff or whether we would have to get it ourselves.Thanks for any replies.

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You will have to choose the style and type of wood.
A discussion with a couple of carpenters will resolve any questions, they
should be willing to advise, and will probably supply themselves.
Use this site to employ.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

Would always recommend a joiner to fit, you can get the stuff but a tradesman can also get it. I would recommend a trader to supply the parts due to the fact that he can get it cheaper than b&q stuff and if you go to a DIY shop the quality isn't always great were as a good joiner will use one supplyer mainly cause he knows its always good quality.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

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