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Can i attach a new plastic mains water pipe to an existing lead water pipe? if so, how?

I have completely gutted the kitchen and the lead water mains pipe is clearly visible, however the new kitchen design (that i have ordered) means that the mains water pipe is right in the way of where the washing machine will sit.

I want to move the mains water pipe a meter to the right and wondered if / how I can attach a new plastic mains pipe to the existing lead one, subsequently moving the stop cock to under the new sink area. The current stop cock needs to be removed, so can i access the water supply to the house, from the road? obviously to stop water coming to the house while the work is being done

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Yes this is possible. You need a "leadloc" fitting. Plastic/MDPE to lead, something like this;

Should be available at most good plumbers merchants.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

You certainly can , messure the outer and inner diameter of the lead pipe, go the a good plumbers merchant and get the appropriate fitting and tell them at the other end is going to be a plastic/copper pipe and then fit a new stop cock in the process.

Now in order to work on the internal stop cock, you need to switch off the water on the "roadside" of your property, in other words where your watermeter is, this will isolate the water supply into the house.

Note: Please make life easy for your self to put the new stop cock in a easy accessible area so you can turn it on and off easy, you could consider using a Surestop stop cock.

Good luck, Mario The Plumber from Horning, Norfolk.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

The council will put a new water main in, if its lead pipe because of water contamination


Answered 20th Feb 2013


To isolate the house supply you should have a stop cock outside your house but within the garden boundary or just on the boundary on the street side. We have sometimes seen these in the back garden too. Or if you are unable to locate it or don't have one you use a freeze pack but I would advise this be done by a competent plumber.

You can get a fitting called a lead lock which can be fitted onto the cut lead pipe, but you will need to confirm the size of the lead, they will need the diameter for the size. I am very certain that you can get this fitting to connect lead to plastic.

Hope this helps.

Karl Roberts

K Roberts & Sons, hornchurch


Answered 27th Jan 2013

Hi. I agree with most things said, however I has a small point to add reference lead water mains. Not all councils and water authorities use the same rule book.
When faced with a similar situation the council offered no solution. However the water board offered an amount to offset a new water main, this was offered as a credit on the clients utility bill.
There are also factors to do with length of lead mains and the time periods of still water in the mains and how quick lead particles get into the water. These figures are available from your local council/water suppliers so its best to research the project locally rather than nationally.
Hope this helps.


Answered 14th Nov 2016

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