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Extending over my garage


I would like to extend over my garage to seamlessly blend my 3 bed detached house into a 4 bed detached house. This will create an 'overhang' of the first floor beyond the back of the garage, so that the kitchen could also be extended or a car port created. I tend to go with the car port idea at present. The council have confirmed that I won't need planning permission for a garage extension but they would need to look in more detail at my car port plans.

I would also like to take down an internal non-load bearing wall dividing the main bedroom from a tiny box room and create an en-suite for the main bedroom.

I need to get an estimate of how much such work will cost so that I can be sure I'm not spending thousands of pounds that will not realised in the future sale of the house.

I know that I must also hire an architect for the plans but is it possible to get that ball park estimate from a builder first? And can some builders do plans as part of the work?


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You could get an estimate for the internal work from a builder but it is very difficult to provide an estimate for construction without at least some form of a detailed sketch. Be wary if anyone 'guesstimates' without asking to see a drawing. Once you have plans drawn up then a detailed quote can be given as they should give structural details to work from.
Some building companies may be able to recommend someone to draw the plans for you as part of their job but if they say they will do the plans themselves, then make sure the plans are to a metric scale, have sufficient structural details and they can also provide details from a qualified structural engineer.
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Answered 28th Jan 2013

HI cara, as a company we look at a customers requirements and then produce some computer graphics that make it look like the finished job, from this we are able to get confirmation that it is what you are wanting and then at this point we are able to give an accurate costing.......
Andrew Carroll
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Answered 30th Jan 2013

Hi Cara,
We would be more than happy to offer you a complete turn-key service with Technical Drawings / Car Port submission details to LA and complete estimate for the works required.
Please do not hesitate to speak to us for more information.
Claire Thomas
Maytrix Construction Limited


Answered 1st Feb 2013

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