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Is there any way of removing paint from an internal stone staircase?

Victorian hlouse with internal stone staircase which has been painted white. Would love to take it back to original stone. Some of decor will be redone anyway but house is not complete wreck, has nice floors in hall which we would not want to disturb / damage in process.

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Hi Jane, it all depends on what paint has been used and if the stone is porous, if it oil based paint, the oil can soak into the stone making it darker and harder to remove, firstly use of a tool like scrapers etc to get as much off as possible, then if the stone is cracked or stubbern patches persist, a chemical solution would be best like rubbing alcohol which can then be rinsed off with a water spray.
Latex paint is probably the easiest as it is water based and can be softend with several procedures like a low set heat gun, alcohol, or (latex) paint remover then scaped or simply wiped off with a cloth.
Steer clear of blasting if you want to keep the rest of your house tidy.
Hope this helps


Answered 11th May 2011

painted stone walls. The only way to bring them back to a natural stone finish is sand blasting. Good luck and dont forget to fully seal off the area being blasted or the sand/dust will get everywhere.


Answered 11th May 2011

please listen to tom Harvey
i can almost guarantee both prior answers will damage the stone (unless its granite )
there is a more suitable method than all those i have found very effective and causes no damage to stone nor the environment
if you'd like this info please contact me
i don't want to tell all my competitors my trusted secrets or i will go out of business


Answered 15th Jun 2011

be careful before you start find out what stone you have and then i would ask this question again i deal with many different types of stone soft and hard, some which acids and chemicals eat. or call lithofin stone products technical department for advice, dont just charge in with the wrong solution as you will damage the stone or it may be the paint is set deep into the stone and you could be wasting your time starting the job.


Answered 13th May 2011

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