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Reasonable price bathroom extractor fan

Hello, we have a very condensation prone flat, one of the issues we have been told to get to help is a more powerful bathroom extractor fan (currently a small Manrose which does not seem to do much).

I see the Kair KHRV150/12rh has been recommended before, but the cheapest I can find is about £336, I was also recommended Envirowise fans via Timberwise but can't find them on the internet to buy or anything similar (Energysaver sensamatic?) that doesn't have a pull cord, becuase as it's a very high ceiling that would not work and we don't really want to have another switch fitted, would prefer fan with an integrated humidity sensor that comes on when needed and boosts when needed.

Can anyone recommend a more reasonably priced fan that you think would still be good? Or any brands that are sort of mid price? It's a tiny bathroom and no window so the fan is the only way to extract steam.

Many thanks

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i have just fitted a inline shower fan in a tiny fully tiled shower cubicle , they had damp issues it was a city electrical job top of the range it retailed at about 160 and figure out the swithing method as suits , for the time of year i would try one it may cure it ,

hope this helps .


Answered 26th Jan 2013

Your best bet is to look at some of the higher specification Vent Axia models. A lot of these have two speeds and a trickle option as well as a humidistat. see links below


Answered 26th Jan 2013

It's all based on the volume area of your room. A 6" high volume extractor will do the job. In-line (so you only see the grill) or wall mounted. A reputable wholesaler will give idea's on which make. I wouldn't pay more than £150. This will suffice.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

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