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Regardind electric shower

i have a electric shower at the moment and i am about to change it.I had problem with it as ther was not much flow comeing from it,i only have a cold water feed and have a combi boiler.Could you suggest what would solve my problem and what type of shower would you reccomend

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If you have a combi boiler then the best solution in terms or a reliable and powerful shower is to buy a thermostatic shower mixer valve and connect this into the hot water pipe from the combi boiler and the cold feed. It will be far better than any electric shower on the market.


Answered 26th Jan 2013

First you should check as to whether your combi is capable of providing a supply to a shower, not all of them do. If it does and your cold water supply pressure is checked to be ok, then fire away with a combi shower. If your combi does not support a shower, then a high KW (10.5+) electric shower, would be the way to go, as long as your incoming water supply pressure is ok. Please do be aware that your existing electric supply circuit may need upgrading.


Answered 2nd Feb 2013

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