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Combi for 4 bed house 2 showers , 7 rads, 2 towel rads,40m2 of ufh

I would like advise on wether to go for a combi boiler in a 4 bed house that will have 2 showers , 7 rads, 2 towel rads,40m2 of UFH. My plumber has checked the flow rate that is good etc. I like the idea of not having a water cylinder above our heads. there seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions. I would appreciate an opinion on the manufacturer as well, my plumber reckons on a Worcester Bosch 38 or 42. Any sound advice would be most welcome.

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An unvented hot water storage system in my opinion beats a Combi hands down. For more info please feel free to contact me.


Answered 28th Jan 2013

Hello .
Gloworm ulrtacom 2 Store

Have installed 3 of these for your type of requirements .


Answered 18th Apr 2015

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