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Rsj or concrete lintel to support a gap of approx 1.7m?

A builder has estimated me for a concrete lintel for an approx 1.7m gap in a supporting wall downstairs. But he had originally said it would need an RSJ. I'm not sure whether the weight above the wall is live or dead, as the walls don't all look flush with each other.

He also first mentioned removing a layer of brick from another wall where there's a chimney breast, and putting in a metal bracket to support it. But his estimate now only mentions supporting the wall where necessary. No metal bracket mentioned.

I'd really appreciate your comments whether either of these sound unsafe. I wonder if he's just trying to cut his costs.

Thanks so much for your answers on how to proceed, really appreciated.

3 Answers from MyBuilder Restoration & Refurb Specialists

If you re taking out any wall you should be getting a structural engineer in to look first and also local building control to pass the work once completed


Answered 25th Jan 2013

Best thing to do would be to hire a Structural Engeneer to calculate the weight of the walls, they are qualified to do this kind of calculations then the builder can follow his recomandations.
Hope you find this usefull.


Answered 25th Jan 2013

As Mtm and ADL have stated,you need a structural engineer! However good your builder thinks he is,its almost certain he has no qualification that says he can calculate what you require to take any weight that currently rests on your wall.The involvement of an SE and building control will keep you safe AND legal.


Answered 26th Jan 2013

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