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Flat roof

I am waiting on some quotes to replace my flat roof.
The old needs stripping off and new boards fitted,3 layers of torch on felt
applied and rubbish removed.The area is 16metres x 3metres.
What would be a ball park figure for this job.
Kind Regards Lawrence

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hi between £2200 and £2600 depending on leadwork and access i hope this helps and i would be interested in seeing how the pricing goes thank you.
kind regards daniel


Answered 24th Jan 2013

Prices will vary from area to area , if your flat roof is 48 m2 as your measurements state then around here you could expect a price of £2000 to £2500 plus vat if your contractor is vat registered . Advertise the job under roofers on mybuilder , get at least 3 quotes as it is a large roof , make sure your nominated contractor has good feedback , check they give a written warranty with the work , don't give any money up front but expect to pay upon completion.
Have you thought about replacing the roof using Firestone EPDM it is the best flat roofing material available nowadays in my opinion , it will cost more but last much longer . Perhaps get a price on felt & epdm & speak to the roofer about the anticipated lifespan of both products.
Also possibly think about increasing the insulation on this roof whilst it is being replaced , again it will increase the cost now but it will be more beneficial in the long term , there may be a grant available for the extra insulation.


Answered 24th Jan 2013

if you are removing over 25% of the roof covering it is now compulsory to upgrade your thermal insulation at the same time regardles of if it is a flat or pitched roof and building regs will be required. the price will depend on the area of the country you are in and depend on if you want a hot or cold roof.
EPDM is by far the best material at the moment but so is the price.
good luck alex


Answered 25th Jan 2013

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