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Mains pressure hot water using thermal store

Hi! We have low hot water in our converted loft and are considering changing to a mains hot water system with a thermal store. We are having trouble finding anyone with experience of these systems to advise us. Primarily we are concerned that our current airing cupboard, being under a sloping ceiling, may not have the height required for the new tank. (It will be very close). Does anyone have experience fitting these systems? Do we need room for pipework above the tank? Many thanks! T.

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Hi, the system you're refering to in our language is an Unvented System. A plumber will have to be G3 qualified to install this system for you. They are indeed much bigger, better and a hell of a lot more energy efficient than other systems. You would have to check the exact height of the system you require and what kind of system it is... A bubble top system would need less space around it as the expension of pressure takes place inside the cylinder. The other type of system with an external expansion vessel would need more space. These systems for ease of installation now come as 'System Fit' so all parts needed are supplied and attached ready to go... id say at least 0.3m to one side of the system for access and pipework which will include all safety valves/composite valve, tundish etc.

Hope this helps.

Titanium Trades

Answered 27th Jan 2013

Titanium Trades

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thermal stores and unvented hot water are two different systems ,in a thermal store the bulk of the water in the cylinder never leaves the cylinder it is kept at a constant temperature and a cold main is run through the volume of hot water in a very large inner annular ( coil ) to gain the heat to provide hot water to taps,an unvented cylinder stores hot water at mains pressure to be used on demand.both can be quite large look on internet for sizes.

Answered 13th Feb 2017

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