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Tanking in room under front steps.

I live in a terrace house which has front steps leading up to the front door on the middle floor of the house. The small room under the steps is damp and dingy but would make good storage or a wine cellar etc. It needs to be tanked/water proofed. It is 1.3m x 1.1m with a rough floor and the underside of steps for most of the "ceiling". It is about 2.5 m3 in volume. How much would this cost approx ? Could it be done DIY with "Construction Chemicals" products ? I was thinking of using their Tanking Slurry, along with their SBR Bonding Agent, and Fillet Seal Barrier Mortar, for the walls floor and ceiling. I was also thinking of using their DPC injection cream around the base of the 3 walls at floor level to stop rising damp, before applying the Tanking Slurry etc. Thoughts ? Thanks.


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We have completed a number of these in Chelsea and other London addresses, converting this space along with the old coal storage which is built below the ground, just above the path. SIKA render on its own will not be sufficient. Personally I wouldn't recommend a DIY job purely because there are far more practices to follow in line with thorough and specific damp-proofing protocols within a precise framework that you just wouldn't be aware of.

Have a go, by all means, but remember that if the system fails (or when, if you are going to go with SIKA alone as above) then any company that you call in afterwards to fix it will insist that the walls are taken back to substrate again before installing a system for which they will happily provide a guarantee.

In addition to being correctly tanked, such a small air space (in what will essentially still be an 'out building') would need to have sufficient air circulation.

If you are adamant that you want to do this DIY and want specific technical advice, then give us a call.


Answered 25th Jan 2013

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