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Laying turf - 340 sqm

I have a new build house with a fairly sizeable garden. The size of the garden 340 sqm, the ground is been rotaved, levelled and topsoiled I just need to lay the turf. How much roughly should I be looking at paying to have the turf just laid?

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As a company we lay new and artificial lawns of all sizes. For this type of job with the asumption that the area to be turfed has good access for delivery and is on the level, with no obsticles like outside steps to negotiate. I would expect this to take 3 man days. £450.00


Answered 24th Jan 2013

It depends on what area you live in and how close the nearest supplyers are. Probably looking about £1000 + for a good job. I'm sure some people would do it for cheaper but not very well

I pay 2.25 sqm. For good grass, ie they supply Manchester United. Then it's a days labour for 2. As long as there isn't lots of flower beds etc.


Answered 25th Jan 2013

hi it shoulld take no longer than a day as long as its all preped so i would be looking to pay between 50-100 hope this helps
kind regards stan


Answered 24th Jan 2013

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