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Dampness around chimney breasts in bedrooms

I live in a 1940s detached house facia and soffits have been renewed flashings and soakers have been renewed around chimney and flounces done.There is no felt under the tiles could this be what's causing dampness around top of chimney breasts in bedroom

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If the roof coverings have been installed properly and the back trays (lead work to rear of stack) are properly formed and installed there should not be a problem in this area regardless of underlying felt.
However, even if the roof is installed correctly, the lack of underlying felt will not protect you from snow melt. (this is what roofing felt was originally designed to combat, the snow prevents meltwater running down the roof so it has to go in).
The chimney stack itself, if built properly (which most 1940's stacks were) with a brick corbel, and good haunching around the pots, can always be maintained and repaired if leaks become apparent due to its age and general wear and tear from the elements.
If the chimney stack has been capped, lowered, altered in any way, then unfortunately as ADR has pointed out it could be a case of investigating and trying to pinpoint what has been changed and rectify.

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Answered 24th Jan 2013

could be,could also be the chimney pointing, depending if it is originally lime mortar and has been repointed in cement,could also be worn bricks in the chimney. if the chimney is not in use is it capped and vented at both ends without looking at the job it not really possible to say exactly what the problem is.leakage round a chimney can be very hard to pin point.


Answered 24th Jan 2013

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