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Saniflo waste pipe direction


I am going to fit a saniflo under my stairs and need advice on running the waste pipe. To get to the outside wall to the soil pipe I would need to come out of the saniflo and drop under the floor then run across the house and back up the wall about 1m maximum to get a route to the soil pipe. Is it ok to drop down then back up using hep 2o pipe.

Any help would be well appreciated.



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Hi simple answer is no any rise in pipework needs to be done as close to unit as possible also never seen it done in hep pipe.21.5 overflow pipe is the norm.The unit will pump to about 60 metres and your soil pipe must come down the wall somewhere so you should be able to connect in without going uphill. Right a few rules the small bore pipe needs to be a straight run no bends until it leaves the building then dont use elbows to turn along the wall use 2 x 45 deg bends to make the turn then change to 32 mil pipe you can get 21.5 to 32 adaptor then 32 mil all the way to soil stack no elbows again use 45 deg bends keeps a nice smooth flow and along as theres a fall on pipe work will work fine
good luck john


Answered 24th Jan 2013

I think that you may exceed the spec of the saniflo in relation to distance, if in doubt phone the supplier, regards Terry.


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

Hello rob_33_essex,

I do a lot saniflo installation and I have seen a lot of wrong installation as well, this is not a job to take on by a non plumber or enthousiastic diy-er. There are strict rules to follow and your also need building regulations and part p registered electricians involved.

Take care, MarioThePlumber

Ps. If you are in Norfolk, happy to quote for part/entire job.


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

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