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Converting outhouse/garage into living space

We have a small outhouse/garage which we would like to convert into a granny flat, with a bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. The back wall is brick and the sides and front are timber posts that are clad. The roof is a trussed roof with clay pan tiles (all in very good condition). I just want to know rough costs of what it would be to get planning persmission so we could start doing it. So council costs/architects costs? Just an idea would be helpful. Building is approx 10m x 5m in size.

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I would think that around £1500 should get you to planning consent stage , if straightforward but once permission was given you would need building regulations and this varies from area to area & is also linked to the cost of the work .
Advertise the job on mybuilder under Architectural Services , get a couple of quotes from reputable companies ,they should be able to give you a fixed price before they start work & advise you of the likely future conversion costs & local authority fees.


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

As the flat will contain both a kitchen and a bathroom, this will be classed in planning terms as a dwelling and this will cost £385 for the application. Architects' fees vary as some are not proper architects and just 'draw plans', include building regs drawings, put more detail in etc. Some Council's have a list of agents they regularly receive applications from that you can ask for and choose someone from that or place a job on here for an architect.
If you can allow the flat to share either the bathroom or kitchen with the main dwelling then it will be reduced to a 'householder' application which is £172.
When you have planning sorted, your next step would be building regs for which you will need to contact your local council as these fees are unique to each authority.
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Answered 23rd Jan 2013

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