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Installing a new gas central heating system, previously quailifed plumber & heating engineer

I want to install a new gas central heating system in my new house, it currently has electric night storage heaters. I was a fully qualified Plumber & Heating Engineer & was also CORGI registered but no longer work as such. Concious of the new Gas Safe Regulations, as I want the installation certificated, what parts of the installation can I legally carry out. I am presuming I can install rads, pipework and mount the boiler, leaving the gas line, flue installation and commissioning to a registered gas safe engineer.

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You are absolutely precise in your question, you've basically answered your own question. ;-)


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

BANG ON, now find a registered installer who will take the responsibility for ALL of it whilst being paid for almost none of it. Also register it and have the hassle of having a gas inspection on it, only to spend a day putting right petty issues at their own expense.


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

it will be cheaper to get a gas safe reg engineer to get this work done. personally i would not be comfortable signing off other peoples work.
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Answered 23rd Dec 2014

yes you can do the jobs you outline. as for not being comfortable signing off other peoples work you do that on most landlords gas certs,im sure you will find a gas safe engineer to finish the job.


Answered 9th Feb 2017

You are correct on what you can and can't do. I would contact a Gas Safe registered engineer and explain what you are going to do. Ask him to install the flue connect the gas and to commission and sign off.


Answered 21st Jun 2019

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