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I am having a bathroom refit at the moment however I am replacing an electrical shower the guy has said he can do this because its like for like.. he is not a qualified electrician and so I am concerned if it is safe and he is correct anybody help please

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Joanne whilst he may feel he can do it, I would very much doubt that he has the electrical test equipment to carry out the testing after he has fitted the new shower.

If an electrician fits the shower they will carry out what is called an "Earth Fault Loop Impedance" test at the new shower cable connection. This is to prove that the circuit is properly earthed and that the earth fault level is within limits with regard to the type of fuse or circuit breaker being used.

In addition the electrician would test that the Residual Current Device is working and that it is tripping within the specified time of less than 40ms at five times rated current.

Both of these tests require specialist test instruments that cost several hundred pounds to buy, so only professional electricians tend to have them.

Personally whilst you might save £10 or £20 getting the guy you have there to fit it, you need to ask yourself what price you put on your own safety and that of your family? as an unearthed shower or faulty RCD could result in a lethal electric shock, if a fault were to occur.

Post a job on here and hire a Part P registered electrician who will test the shower circuit properly and issue a Minor Electrical Works Certificate on completion of the job.


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

I would only recommend a qualified electrician for this as the work will need to be tested and i would doubt that this man would have the necessary test equipment or be able to issue a minor works certificate with necessary readings to show everything is safe and in order


Answered 24th Jan 2013

Work in a special location ie bathroom, has to be notified under Part P building regulations. Approved electrician is best, or Part P classified one.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

under part P building regs, any work in a special location ( includes bathrooms) has to be notified under builing regs and installed and certified by a registered electrician including like for like swops- so i'm afraid he's wrong, you can down load part p document and there is a section on what you can and cant do, just google it, and its all changing again this april !!


Answered 28th Jan 2013

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