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Extractor fan into loft space, problem?

A couple of months ago I used an electrician to install an extractor fan in the bathroom. When he came round to give me a quote he stated that he would drill through the wall to the outside to install the fan. When I accepted their offer and they came to install it, he changed his mind and said he would drill the hole in the ceiling up into the loft. Not knowing any better I let him go ahead with this. Now I have bad condensation on the loft felt and after much research have found you should never have a fan going into the loft space. Is this the case? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Your first call should be to the person who fitted the fan and get them back to correct the problem, fan should always be vented to outside , will need to be vented though white flexi pipe to soffit vent or to a slate/tile vent ,

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Answered 22nd Jan 2013

Hi It is quite common for the extractor vent to go into the ceiling but, it still needs to be vented to the outside. If you look where he's fitted the fan in the loft there should be a white flexible pipe running from the top of the fan out to the soffit or a roof vent. If theres not, this will need to be done otherwise it will cause further damp/condensation problems.

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Answered 22nd Jan 2013

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