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Remove chimney breasts or fit cooker into chimney breast

I am moving into a house with a gally kitchen. I'd like to move it into the dining room, however it is also limited on space (one side leads to current gally kitchen and garden / lean to, one has the stair case, one has a chimney breast and is open plan to the lounge).

I'm thinking that changes to the chimney breast may be required in order to fit a kitchen. I'm debating between removing the chimney breast (perhaps both in this room and the one above, to make more space) or opening up the chimney breast to put a cooker in there.

Can anyone advise on likely cost differences, whether I need a party wall agreement for both options or if any other ideas come to mind? Cheers.

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youre cheapest option will be put a concrete lintel in the chimney breast raised up from the original one and house your cooker (or other appliances there) make sure to close the flue against soot but put a vent somewhere (possibly in the side of chimney breast) to prevent damp issues building up within the stack. You may need to cap the chimney at the roof but not close fully. Best that it all breathes. The back wall of the fireplace is a shared party wall- the fire hearth opening is an independent single skinned wall.
Theres a lot of bricks in taking down a whole stack from floor to roof- youll need skips and scaffold.


Answered 17th Oct 2014

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