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What is a reasonable price to fit exterior lights ( 2 flood lights)?

If only the flood lights were to be supplied by me.

One for the fornt of the house (3.5m away from mains under the staircase)

One for the back of the house behind the kitchen (5m away from the mains under the stair case)

Also what would be generally involved?

Would I have unsightly wires indoors?

Would this type of work require certificates?

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A reasonable price would only include actual labour time and cost of materials. If you were to be generous and allow 2 hours for each point then this would amount to 4 hours labour and then the cost of materials which you should be able to cover with 30 pounds. Depending on what the electrician wants for an hour of his time, i would estimate a reasonable price to be in the region of £90 plus a little bit extra for cost of fuel. Thanks and hope this helps. Also any wires could be hidden with trunking if necessary. The work does not need to be certified but if you ask for it then if the electrician is atleast Part P registered then he can certify his work upon completion and this will leave you covered incase of insurance issues, Thanks


Answered 10th May 2011

Hi there. Before any work can commence, the electrician carrying out the installation must check the following are in place:

Gas safety bonding is in place and correct.
Water safety bonding in in place and also correct.
The circuit or circuits to be modified are protected by a 30ma R.C.D device and appropriate over current device or a combined protection device such as an R.C.B.O.

There are a number of things we would confirm with a simple site visit, such as are we installing a new circuit (Electrical certification) or are we extending and existing (minor works certificate), how cables will be run, what’s required etc. Basically what options are available.

Done correctly, Its extremely difficult to provide an accurate price without first viewing the existing installation. (Guesswork, Red or Black? :-) All questions would easily be answered once viewed.

Even though it’s a simple job that’s required, other work may be needed to comply with building regulations and to bring the installation or part of it to a safe standard.

To give you an idea on price, a fair rate would be about £50 to £70 for the first hour then about £15 per hour after. (Plus any parts supplied)

Post a job quote on here and get free written quotes from local tradesmen. If it falls above your budget then you don’t have to go ahead with the work.

Hope this helps you out.


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Answered 11th May 2011

I agree with answer no. 1


Answered 22nd Jun 2011

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