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Where is leaking from?

Confused. First floor bedroom leaking after storm. Upper floor loft has two windows and am told not fitted properly_ told cause of problem
Another roofer says its from the felt at gutter edge under tiles.
Which is it?

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Very difficult to say without seeing site. I would advise you to advertise the job on this website & get at least a couple of roofers out with good fedback to look & quote . Don't pay until leak has been weather tested.


Answered 21st Jan 2013

the felt is there to keep the heat in.not the rain out


Answered 21st Jan 2013

the felt if worn at the gutter can allow water ingress into the brickwork and the house,the felt at the gutter is to allow the water to drip into the guttering and exit the property it can be fixed by installing felt support trays under the existing felt into the guttering, not really a major job
the windows again if incorrectly fitted can cause water ingress into the house.
without viewing the job it is impossible to say exactly what is causing the issues you are having


Answered 22nd Jan 2013

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