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My hot water pressure is low. it's a gravity fed system with the tank on the upper floor (not in the loft). what are my options to increase pressure to the kitchen and bathroom hot taps?

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You don't need to waste your money on shower pumps, combi's or anything like that just do as James said above. Raise the height of the cold water storage tank (the large one) so that it's about 1metre higher than your hot water cylinder as this will increase the head of water and as such increase your water pressure (which is measured in bar).


Answered 23rd May 2011

The addition of a shower pump will sortout the problem , if the shower is above the top of your cold water tank this will have to be a negertive head pump cost of pumps £150.00 to350.00. the cost to install £150.00.
Regards Martin, M.A.D.S. FF


Answered 10th May 2011

first just chech the filler pipe from the F & E that s the pipe that goes into the hot water tank from the header tank is not blocked , if the water pressure has always been bad then i have to agree with Martin ... or subject to your budget fit a new combi boiler system more efficent , saves money on gas as fully modulating as condensing , and you will have mains hot water at every outlet as required

pump about £400 to £450
new combi boiler £2500 to £3500 ish
or rip ot hot water tanks and fit megger flow £2200



Answered 11th May 2011

You could move the tank to the loft if it is possible. this will improve the pressure!



Answered 12th May 2011

If you have fairly low tank, then results,are fairly lo at the outlets.
As described above..
To increase pressure at your hot and cold outlets
Raise the height only of your cold feed tank.
Adding a twin impeller pump.
Which must have both own independent feeds from your source of hot and cold water stoage.
And giving your outlets a little boost either at the bath shower or wherever preferable or accessible throughout your home.
Hope this info helps


Answered 23rd Jan 2019

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