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Heat recovery ventilation system for condensation in home

I am living in a mid terrace house and have bad condensation in two of the bedrooms - upstairs exterior walls above double glazed windows. The condension has lead to black mould growth which i now want to deal with urgently before it affects my daughters health.

I do not have any ventilation currently in the bathroom and also dry washing in the house, which i know are both adding to the situation.

I have been looking into Posative Input Ventilation systems and also Heat Recovery Ventilation systems.

Can anyone give any comments on which are the best systems to use, average price for installation in a three bedroomed mid terrace approx 1940s property and also any reviews on whether the systems have helped clear up the problems/saved on energy bills/or left properties feeling draughty would be useful.

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All houses need ventilating, especially buildings of this age that have a 9 inch brick course with no cavity. There is a product on the market called a passive humidifier, these devices have a piece of treated rockwall inside them that soak up damp and does not allow for any draughts. You can buy them online from the condensation shop for about £60.00 each. You would need one at the front and back of your property. For your bathroom upstairs you may consider a humidstat control fan which are roughly £35.00. These are activated when the relative humidity is at a certain level.


Answered 18th Apr 2013

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