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Wall mounting tv -power supply and cables in the wall?


I'm thinking of mounting my tv on the chimney breast and running the cables in the wall. Can the power supply be run through the wall and out the other side to the power socket and tv equipment eg sky book, DVD etc..

Will the builder need to use special tubing to house the cables?

Is it safe for the power supply to go through the chimney breast?

Underneath the TV will be a fireplace surround with mantle with an electric fire. I'm told it should be ok to mount the tv on top as as the mantle will deflect the heat. The fire is 2kw.

Any other suggestions would be helpful as I need to order the cables.


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If the fireplace has a working fire in it, then mounting the TV above it is not a god idea and may invalidate the warranty on the TV, should it malfunction from overheating.

It is however possible to run power and TV/Sky cables up the wall. they need to be kept at leat 50mm apart along the entire route, otherwise you will experience interferance and poor reception/signal quality issues.

The 230v mains cables should ideally be chased into the wall at least 50mm deep and enclosed in a steel conduit that is effectively earthed and the circuit RCD protected in order to comply with BS7671:2008 requirements.

All cables must run vertically or horizontally in a straight line directly from the electrical socket and can not be run diagonally under any circumstances.

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Answered 20th Jan 2013

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