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Socket tester showing thst there is no earth.

I installed a cooker switch with socket outlet and when i plugged my socket
tester in the lights showed there was no earth. i have checked the wiring and all appears to be correct. is it poissable that the switch is faulty??

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Whilst its possible its very unlikley and its more likely that the earth is loose or unconnected somewhere on the circuit, or that the main earthing at the MET is poor.

You will need to get this looked at sorted, before your local building control inspector comes round to check/test and sign off your work. (Assuming that you applied for part P building consent to carry out this DIY electrical work in the first place that is?)

If you have no consent in place, please bear in mind that carrying out DIY electrical work in the kitchen is a breach of part P of the building regulations and you could face a fine of up to £5000.

Google part P of the building regulations for more information.


Answered 20th Jan 2013

To confirm earth at that accessory you could perform an R1+R2 (dead test) at that point or alternatively a Zs (live test) at that point. Bear in mind the earth may not be correctly connected at the fuseboard, or is there a dodgy join somewhere which you don't know about? You could try changing the accessory, as its not unheard of for a manufacturer fault.
Failing that then the best bet is to get a part P electrician to pop round to perform the necessary tests.


Answered 20th Jan 2013

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