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Have gaps around laminate flooring after having paid for all new skirting boards so that there wouldn't be beading

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions as to what I can do.

I had contractors in to renovate my flat - I chose to have laminte flooring laid and all new skirting put in all around the flat so that there would be no beading. However they still put beading down around the whole flat. As they had over-run by 4 months and I was desperate to get into the flat after 6 months I just paid them and asked them to leave after having endless problems with them.

Anyway the sight of the beading has been irritating me and I decided to take it up assuming that as they'd put in new skirting the gaps around the flooring wouldn't be too big - however on 2 to 3 sides of each room there are some very significant gaps between the edge of the flooring and the skirting -what can I do to fill these gaps in?

I can't afford to pay someone else to come in to remove the skirting and refit new laminates. Is there a way that I can make the gaps less noticeable? I would try to relay the laminates myself but am not sure that I am upto removing and replacing the skirting myself.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Best and nicest way to do this is......
I am assuming that the skirting is a white painted skirt although not imperative. The higher it is the better.
I would find a suitable timber eg 45 x 12 with a slight moulding on the top and fix this to the skirting. Then decorate this timber in the same finish as the skirting. In effect it makes the skirting look more decorative and not as unsightly as edge beading


Answered 21st Jan 2013

hi if your laminate is click and not glued and you have some spare boards,there is a good chance your problem can be resolved in the rooms ,the hall you would be better to replace it because of all the cuts just sorry that you have be treated this way .


Answered 19th Jan 2013

I have done one house with 2 mm ply fitted on top of the skirting and painted. It takes 2h per room to fit and then you just have to paint it. The top of the ply strip can be planed to any shape to make it look like one piece with skirting board, other than that replacing skirtings as easy as that as well.
No problem to do it if you need. If you want, I could make some tester and send picture to you of how it looks with ply strip. I presume you have tried to use some sealant to cover gaps? It sounds to me like obvious thing but sometimes better be safe then sorry :) How big is "significant"?


Answered 24th Oct 2013

you could try putting cork around to take up gap


Answered 19th Jan 2013

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