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Skimmed ceiling falling down after three tears.

We had our kitchen ceiling skimmed about three years ago. Today I noticed a heavy crack and then large portions of it falling down onto the kitchen floor to reveal the artexed ceiling underneath. Is this a reasonable thing to happen? Even after three years is the plasterer still accountable? Thanks.

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Sounds like your plasterer didnt seal/pva the ceiling properly, and isnt a reasonable thing to happen.
As for being accountable, do you think you have any chance of getting him back to do it properly at no extra charge.

Answered 9th May 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Hi the 1st thing that comes to mind is the ceiling was not unibonded before skimming.
Regards Chris.

Answered 9th May 2011

C.R.Property Maintenance.

Member since 25 Nov 2009

I think you will be very hard pushed to get any plasterer to return to a job after 3 yrs! And to answer your question, I would suggest the plasterer is not still accountable. There could be many reasons for what you have explained and I would suspect it is because the old ceiling has finally given up the fight trying to hold the weight of the old artex and new plaster, especially if it was an old lath and plaster ceiling.

Answered 9th May 2011

RMH Contractors Ltd

Member since 23 Feb 2009

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Hi, I would assume that the Artex ceiling that was covered up was probably covering a "cracked"plastered ceiling itself.
If this was the case it should have been at least overboarded before being skimmed as a "cracked"ceiling is always going to be cracked underneath the artex.
The ceiling should also have been PVA'd and left to go tacky before being skimmed to help the plaster adhere to the Artex,any plasterer worth his salt would have done this as a matter of course.
It would be extremely unlikely the original plasterer would entertain any rectification without further payment but it's always worth a try anyway.
Best of luck.

Answered 9th May 2011

AY Installations

Member since 12 Aug 2008

It's possible that not enough pva was used on the ceiling before the plastering commenced or that something has fallen on the ceiling from above or a joist has moved

Answered 9th May 2011

D.Beech Bath & Tile Installations

Member since 31 Jul 2010

hi cant really hold the plasterer accountable after 3 years but being slightly hypercritical it should of really lasted a lot longer then that ..sounds like the plasterer did not use a good pva sealer ,but to prove this after 3 years will be difficult..being as its your kitchen ceiling likely cause is steam from your cooking etc ..all the best

Answered 9th May 2011


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the atrex was not sealed correctly and no its not reasonable as for accountability you could try but doubt you would get anywere
thanks chris

Answered 9th May 2011


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I wouldnt chase the plasterer, after three years. just post job on my builder and make sure you get the ceiling overboarded and then skimmed, it will strenghen the cieling and you shouldnt have any comebacks on it, providing the plasterer knows what he's doing. cheers.

Answered 9th May 2011

K.Davis Plastering & General Building

Member since 20 Dec 2010

yh he should of ripped it down or used loads off bonding ..........

Answered 9th May 2011

R L Whitehouse

Member since 17 Nov 2008

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after such a long time dont think any plaster would come back. but no this should not happen. the ceiling was either did not get pva bonding or not enough of it was put on. my advice would be contact the person and see what they have to say. thanks damian.

Answered 9th May 2011


Member since 20 Jan 2009

without seeing the job its hard to say. but the artex might have been up for 30 years. so coming to its end of life span. then you add the weight of new plaster. the bond is still 30 years old and not renewed.

Answered 9th May 2011

northview property mainenance

Member since 13 Sep 2010

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