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My pipework and plumbing are fine but I need the boiler replaced. Can someone recommend a make / model that will give me the most bang for my buck?

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Hello Terry. the best boiler manufacturers on the market are Worcester Bosch and Vaillant. both have an outstanding reliability factor and although cost a little more then your pottertons, baxis etc, will always prove a better long term investment. in my experience having been an installation engineer for 10 years Worcester Bosch offer a better after service than vaillant and if you have a Gas Safe registered Engineer that happens to be accredited with worcester you will receive a 5 Year No Quibble parts and labour warranty as well.

I Hope this Helps




Answered 18th Feb 2011

viessmann are also a good manufacturer as far as im aware they are the only manufacturer to make there own heat exchanger. The new vitodens 100 range comes with a standard 5yr warrenty if bought thru PTS.
They are cheaper as well slightly than vaillant and Worcester..


Answered 18th Feb 2011

Hello to all , Having many years experience in gas industry , yes I do agree valiant by fare are top rated in boiler providers , But come on guys we do have Baxi an English Company , and will say it's all down to the engineer that installs , how any system meets the customers needs , And well if we say a warrantys out are 5 years , some give ten years . But be well aware theirs always a price to pay for extended warranty , depending on what your Budget is you may have and remember not all A rated boilers are A rated . , please view www. Sedbuk ratings and look what's avalible , you can choose from a massive list . Then make your mind up , kind regards steve .


Answered 19th Feb 2011

Hi there,your boiler choices depends on your budget,you could do worse than a vokera unica for value and reliability[plus easier & cheaper to repair than some of the others mentioned] later on in their life.boiler also comes with free 2 yr guarantee.ask your installer to include first service in installation cost...I do


Answered 18th Feb 2011

I would also recommend Worcester or Vailant. I have fitted lots of them, the Vailant is better suited to some installations and the Worcester to others just from a fitting/service perspective. I would say the Vailant is better for service access and has a slightly better feature set on the budget models. I have fitted other brands, Halstead, Gloworm, Baxi, Ferolli, Biasi, Ravenheat but I prefer Worcester or Vailant. I just don't get problems with them, however other boilers often seem to have problems regulating the hot water, sensor problems, or they are difficult to install or on occasions I have had them faulty out of the box.


Answered 18th Feb 2011

You dont have to buy a viessmann boiler from PTS for a 5 year guarantee.

There are trained engineers out there who can offer five years guarantee on them. I am one of them engineers. They are really good value for money. I not had any problems with any I have fitted.


Answered 18th Feb 2011

no opposision worcester are the best and not the most expensive


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

Sorry to bore but it has to be Worcester or Vaillant , although I do agree with an earlier comment , Baxi are good value and . Personally I give Vaillant the edge ..... just.


Answered 25th Feb 2011

try glow worm ultracom2 one of the best pound for pound you can buy


Answered 4th Mar 2011

Hi Terry,
Worcester Bosch or valiant you will not go wrong with any of these.
Thanks kieran


Answered 5th Mar 2011

Get a Viessmann Vitodens combination boiler installed,they come with a 5 year warranty parts and labour,and 10 years warranty.
We are aproved installers.
Regards Nathan-Anderson Heating and Gas.


Answered 5th Mar 2011

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