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7 x g10 ceiling pendant-only 1 bulb working

I have 2 ceiling pendants in my living room, each of them has 7 bulbs, and both pendants are operated by a single switch. One pendant is still working perfectly after replacing the odd bulb. The fittings were installed 3yrs ago. The other pendant will only light one bulb (centre one) even after replacing all the 6 others (on the arms of the pendant) which don't look like they have blown anyway. I have tried using the 'working' bulbs in the non working sockets and still get nothing. Any ideas? Thanks

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Its definately not ghosts! This is a common problem with cheaper chinese made light fittings. The problem is definately a loose connection or burnt out wiring inside the light fitting itself. This maybe because too high a wattage bulbs have been fitted and has overloaded the cable and caused it to burn out inside.

Whilst it is possible to repair, it is fiddly and not for your average DIY'er. To get someone in to look at it, may cost as much as buying a brand new fitting.

To avoid this sort of thing happening in future its best to use LED bulbs.


Answered 19th Jan 2013

Nadina , simple answer this one , your light fitting is not working correctly .
Take the fitting down ( turn off the electric first ) , you will probably find a bundle of cables all connected to like coloured cables ( blue , brown , grellow )
Hopefully the connector that all these connect in has become loose so some of said cables have become disconnected from the group , check all cables are connected tightly to the group and mains cables .
If this is not the problem then it must be ghosts , aliens or each of the non functioning lamp holders has got a loose connection ( unlikely ) .


Answered 19th Jan 2013

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