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Hello I have a problem with my central heating, when I put the hot water & central heating on a pipe at the back of the house drips I am assuming its an overflow pipe. The dripping started in October and is slowly getting worse.I have a Potterton Netaheat Electronic Boiler + Water tank in the loft and a Cylinder tank in back bedroom.I have checked the water level Ball cock in the loft and that's fine. I had a problem a few years ago and the engineer changed a part on the / leading to the cylinder in the back bedroom & changed the timer clock in the kitchen.Not sure the correct name of the part, please don't laugh at description. It was square and had a small lever that would latch into place, I went to look at that part to discover I no longer have that. I know my system is old but have only ever had 1 problem before & that took two new parts. Great system & luck.
A. I don't have a clue about central heating
B. I am very worried that I will be told your system is old you need a new one.
When it really can be repaired. We have all heard of the rouge traders & its so worrying when as a lay person I really don't have a clue. I do understand if say they can't get the parts because the system is old no problem I get that. I would really appreciate some advice / pointers on what my dripping is or could be, it would also help put my mind at rest
Thanking you all in advance for tips and opinions.

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Lower the stat on your boiler see if this helps sometimes old systems sludge up a power flush may be needed.Also you may like to try lowering the settings on your pump it has settings 1,2,3 lower to 2


Answered 27th Jan 2013

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